And she shines like the sun

So yesterday we presented my mum with the dress, and needless to say she was blown away! I was soo happy with the end result. Here are some pictures of the whole process:

This is Maegan, she was working on her headband :)

This is me, and I apologize for my sorry state.
At this point I was assembling the dress out of the white cotton jersey.
I didn't use a pattern, instead I copied one of my mothers basic t-shirt dress,
and then made some small adjustments like the 3/4 sleeves, and a scoop neck because my mum doesn't like boat necks on herself.

This is the sweater dress complete! :)

The dying process was a lot of fun and probably my favourite part of making this dress. We got dye from Micheal's that was in a spray bottle. Then to create the tie dye effect we twisted and scrunched the fabric. And to keep some areas really white we used strips of fabric to cover them. We also layered pink over orange to give it a richer hue.

Ironing on the crystals was also fun, they are soo pretty. We bought Swarovski iron on crystal from Micheal's and then applied them along the white pieces.

All done! My beautiful mum tried it on right away and then wore it out for dinner that night :)

So mission accomplished.
What do you think, was it a success?
All in all it only took 3 nights to recreate the dress and about 100$.
If you can't sew you could always buy a white sweater dress,
and do the dying and applying of crystals yourself.
If you try it out, I'd love to know how it goes!


  1. it must be nice to be able to make own clothes :)

  2. i must say its great!
    but alot of work..


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