Lace nails DIY!

Hey darlings!
So the other night I tried the lace nails, and it was pretty sweet!
I wanted to do black lace with a shimmery gold nail polish underneath,
but the black lace was hard to find - who would have thought!
So I did it kind of opposite and it had such a cool effect!
I did a dark blacky-blue nail with a shiny gold lace on top.

This is the lace I found. I just got it from the dollar store I think it was supposed to be a doily or something. Can't you just see it in some old woman's house lol

So the first thing I did was trim my nails down, I think this look definitely works best with a shorter nail :)

Then I painted my nails the dark colour, it only needed one coat and let it dry completely.

I pre-cut all the lace pieces to match my fingers but left them longer then I needed them to be.
To attach the lace you need to use a thick top coat and put quite a lot of it on.
Then just stick the precut pieces and hold down until its all dry. Making sure that you
press down on all the corners. Then just trim the ends and voila!

And this is the finished product!
Pretty sweet eh!?
Let me know what you think and if you give it a try!



Green Tea and Passion Fruit Macarons :)

For my New Years party I made macarons, they were soo delicious!
I still haven't quite mastered the art (they are pretty finicky)
but i am getting better!
This recipe is sooo good!! I'll post the link :)
Her's are amazing! And perfect!

So far the most important things that I have learnt is to leave your egg whites on the counter
for at least 24 hours, the next thing is to use parchment paper and to spray it with PAM.
And thirdly after you have piped the macarons onto the sheet you have to let the tops harden for about an hour. That's how they get the nice shiny top and the little feet.
Also the easiest way to get them all the same size is to draw the circles on the parchment paper with a template.
But anyways here's how they turned out!
I know they aren't perfect but I'm getting better :)
Which is good because i'm not going back to Laduree anytime soon lol.

After mixing the batter I poured it into the piping bag. The mixing is quite tricky.
You have to be soo careful not to over beat the batter. If its over beat by only 5 seconds it can ruin the batch!

One tray of piping :)
Not perfect but they are looking more like circles! lol

Here are a few with sandwiched with the Passion fruit butter cream in the middle.

As you can see a nice shiny shell and little feet! :)

Unfortunately they went soo quickly!
I made about 50 of them and they were gone that night!
They flavours are amazing..
If you try it out let me know how it tastes!!
Happy macaroning!!