The Nail Effect

Hey lovelies :)

So very recently I found out about Katy Perry's new nail polish line for OPI.
And let me tell you, it looks amazing!!
The thing I most excited about is the black shatter nailpolish.
I have a pic below that demonstrates what it does.
Basically you layer it over another colour and it cracks and splits and looks amazing!
I'm definitely picking this up as soon as it comes out:)
Another trend that i'm currently obsessed with, is the lace nails.
I believe the first to showcase these were Reem Acra..
The thing I love the most is using real lace for the texture, none of that gel nail stuff :)

This is also such a cool trend as well. I tried this with gold and black,
its pretty difficult but totally worth it!

This is the Katy Perry line. Look how amazing the colors look with the shatter polish over top!
I especially love how easy it is but totally looks like a lot of work!
This is supposed to be out January I'm not sure on the exact date
but its totally on the top of my wanted list :)

Here are the infamous lace nails. Amazing! The pic of J-Lo below shows here
rocking the trend as well.
I hope to try this tonight and I will post pics :)

I also love the idea of doing a French but with unexpected colors.

I also loove the ombre nail trend soo amazing!

Hope you guys enjoy the amazing ideas and I will post further when I've had a chance to try :)



French macarons :):)

Ever since I went to Paris and tasted the phenomenal Laduree and Pierre Herme macarons I've been left wanting more!

I've decided that this holiday I would attempt making some :)
We shall see how they turn out!!

I got some recipies from fellow blogger http://www.mytartelette.com.

She makes the most gorgeous macarons and takes amazing photos as well.

I'll post some so you can all see what I'm talking about :)

These are amazing Candy Cane macrons, just in time for the festive season :)

Grapefruit and Anise - sounds heavenly!

These are violet macarons

And these are blackberry and rasberry :)
my absolute favourite!

How can you not fall in love with this!


Hope your mouth doesn't water too much! lol



**Love my name Love left dry**

Hey guys!!

So I have a very fancy evening coming up, which I'm super excited for :)
Its on the cruise that I'm going on for my grandparents 50th wedding anniversary. So amazing!
Anyways I needed a dress that would live up to the occasion but really didn't want to fork out the cash.. So I found this amazing Roberto Cavalli dress worn by Megan Fox on the red carpet. It' breathtaking! I made it just a little more modest lol. The slit isn't so far up the leg and I don't have the cut out at the waist. While I love the snake detail I couldn't find anything that I could replicate it with. The dress was surprisingly easy and quick to sew. And I'm so excited with the final result :)
I will post pics asap!

Let me know what you think


Holiday Gift Guide!

I just had to share one more. This amazing Louis Vuitton Vanity Case is to die for. I love how classic it is! The square shape of it totally reminds me of the old fashioned suitcases. Absolutely gorgeous!!
This is another item from Vogues' amazing 2010 gift guide. I'll give you the link, you totally need to check it out! http://www.vogue.com/guides/candy-pratts-price-2010-gift-guide/

How amazing are these lollipops!! They are so fun and whimsical and remind me of my Dr. Seuss childhood!! They are designed by Bergdorf Goodman and are absolutely fabulous!
I am a part of the Vogue Influencer Network and these are featured in their 2010 Gift Guide.


Winter Outfit Ideas

I absolutely love winter and fall, except for the cold! lol
Its so so great for dressing because of how many layers you can do!!
I have some incredibly inspirational pics for you :)

I absolutely love this look! Its so classic yet so modern in its simplicity!
The beautiful cream sweater dress looks so rich and paired with the metallic shoes, nude bag and red lip its a look to die for! I'm thinking of making this cream sweater dress because as crazy as this sounds it is so hard to find a simple cream sweater dress.

As you will be able to tell from the next few pics, I have an obsession with all things Blake Lively. Just call me Anna ;)
This outfit is great. The bright blue, soft grey, and camel colours go amazinginly together.
I love Blake's look so much because they are so simple yet are ultra lux.

This is such a great casual look. I love the t-shirt, blazer, and jeans combo.

Another great casual look!

I love this look! Although it can be more work sometimes to put together a dress look in the winter, it looks so good!
This has to be my favourite! I absolutely love the leather shorts with all those wooly knits. I just got a pair from Zara so I will definitely be wearing something like this!

I hope you found this of some use!!

J'adore Paris!

Hi guys!
Sorry it has been so ridiculously long since my last post! Its unexceptable!
I have been so super busy with work and with my fashion program its crazy. Unfortunately I have neglected all of you!

I am however super super excited because in a about a week I'm going cruising!
And I can get away from all this cold and snow here in Ontario!
Anyways I will post some pics from Paris :) Such an amazing city!! It was absolutely gorgeous! And the people were not rude whatesoever :)
I even got to test out a little of my french.
I would have to say the best part of the trip would have to be the Pierre Herme and Laduree macarons!! Absolutely fabulous!!
I would highly recommend making the trip if you are ever able to!


This was in the gardens of Versailles. Absolutely gorgeous! The huge stump I'm standing by is supposed to be Marie Antoinette's favourite tree. Apparently she would spend many hours sitting beneath it.
I'm wearing a Zara crop top, Urban Outfitters floral tank, Zara shorts and Moccasins.

This was on the bank of the Sienne right by the Notre Dame, simply gorgeous!

This was on the balcony of Paris' famous opera house! So beautiful!
I'm wearing a Zara tank, jeans and a BCBG fur belero.

Champ Elysees!!

The absolutely massive Sephora on the Champs Elysees.

Such a creepy pic I know! This is in the catacombs underneath the city. They stored millions of bones down here.
Im wearing a Zara tank, a thrifted leather vest and a Zara skirt.

This was on our bike tour through the city. I loved all the old brick and cobblestone!
So much character.
I'm wearing Zara harem pants, moccasins, saddle bag, and a Joe Fresh army jacket and a Jacob sequin t-shirt.

The absolutely gorgeous Eiffel Tower.

This is many of my loved ones :) Right before we are about to leave. I'm wearing an Urban Outfitters fedora and tank top, Zara cargo pants and oxford flats.

This is me and my lovely sisters :)

I had more soo many more pics and outfits but somehow they were erased when transferring from the camera to computer :(


Party like a Rockstar

On Saturday night me and my loves went out for Stef's Birthday. We did some shopping - checked out Jonathan and Olivia because of the new topshop line they have, incredible! I literally wanted the entire store, definitely worth the trip! We then had dinner at an amazing place in Toronto called 'The Sultans Tent'. If you ever happen to be there I highly recommend checking it out. It is, simply put, quite a unique experience! You sit in a tent and they have a show with belly dancers were the diners could participate. I was one of the ones chosen, soo much fun! The food is also fantastic! A clever mix of French and Moroccan, such uniqe flavours. I was quite brave and ordered frog legs, they were very delicious.
That's me on the far left, Stef the birthday girl, Leah, and then Emily on the right.

This is a snapshot of me learning the art of the bellydancer. Super cool and fun!

Leah also being taught how to shake it lol.

We found a very cool lit up fountain so we took some sillouhette shots. Was a lot of fun!

This was me nearly falling into the fountain lol.

Emily on the left is wearing a thrifted dress, H&M belt, American Eagle necklace and Spring shoes.
Stef is wearing Zara dress, Thrifted belt and Spring Oxford flats.
I'm wearing a Zara top and skirt and Thrifted booties
And Leah is wearing a Zara dress Urban Outfitters tights and Thrifted booties.

All in all it was such an amazing night!


C'est La Vie!

I am very excited to tell you that for my summer holidays this year our family is travelling to Paris! I've been looking forward to this trip all year long, and planning outfits for about the same amount of time! This will be my first time to France and I'm soo excited for the touring, sightseeing, and shopping! Hopefully an unforgettable experience.

I've found some street style pictures of what the Parisians themselves
are wearing for a little inspiration and the fashions are fantastic.
These are pictures I have found on the web.

These are just all so chic and European its beautiful.
I'm definitely going to aspire to achieve something as gorgeous.
And I'll definitely be posting outfits from the trip!