Party like a Rockstar

On Saturday night me and my loves went out for Stef's Birthday. We did some shopping - checked out Jonathan and Olivia because of the new topshop line they have, incredible! I literally wanted the entire store, definitely worth the trip! We then had dinner at an amazing place in Toronto called 'The Sultans Tent'. If you ever happen to be there I highly recommend checking it out. It is, simply put, quite a unique experience! You sit in a tent and they have a show with belly dancers were the diners could participate. I was one of the ones chosen, soo much fun! The food is also fantastic! A clever mix of French and Moroccan, such uniqe flavours. I was quite brave and ordered frog legs, they were very delicious.
That's me on the far left, Stef the birthday girl, Leah, and then Emily on the right.

This is a snapshot of me learning the art of the bellydancer. Super cool and fun!

Leah also being taught how to shake it lol.

We found a very cool lit up fountain so we took some sillouhette shots. Was a lot of fun!

This was me nearly falling into the fountain lol.

Emily on the left is wearing a thrifted dress, H&M belt, American Eagle necklace and Spring shoes.
Stef is wearing Zara dress, Thrifted belt and Spring Oxford flats.
I'm wearing a Zara top and skirt and Thrifted booties
And Leah is wearing a Zara dress Urban Outfitters tights and Thrifted booties.

All in all it was such an amazing night!


  1. Cute pics!

    Just came across your blog! It is lovely!


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  3. What a cute gno! Love it :)


  4. All you ladies look so stylish! xoxoxoo


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