J'adore Paris!

Hi guys!
Sorry it has been so ridiculously long since my last post! Its unexceptable!
I have been so super busy with work and with my fashion program its crazy. Unfortunately I have neglected all of you!

I am however super super excited because in a about a week I'm going cruising!
And I can get away from all this cold and snow here in Ontario!
Anyways I will post some pics from Paris :) Such an amazing city!! It was absolutely gorgeous! And the people were not rude whatesoever :)
I even got to test out a little of my french.
I would have to say the best part of the trip would have to be the Pierre Herme and Laduree macarons!! Absolutely fabulous!!
I would highly recommend making the trip if you are ever able to!


This was in the gardens of Versailles. Absolutely gorgeous! The huge stump I'm standing by is supposed to be Marie Antoinette's favourite tree. Apparently she would spend many hours sitting beneath it.
I'm wearing a Zara crop top, Urban Outfitters floral tank, Zara shorts and Moccasins.

This was on the bank of the Sienne right by the Notre Dame, simply gorgeous!

This was on the balcony of Paris' famous opera house! So beautiful!
I'm wearing a Zara tank, jeans and a BCBG fur belero.

Champ Elysees!!

The absolutely massive Sephora on the Champs Elysees.

Such a creepy pic I know! This is in the catacombs underneath the city. They stored millions of bones down here.
Im wearing a Zara tank, a thrifted leather vest and a Zara skirt.

This was on our bike tour through the city. I loved all the old brick and cobblestone!
So much character.
I'm wearing Zara harem pants, moccasins, saddle bag, and a Joe Fresh army jacket and a Jacob sequin t-shirt.

The absolutely gorgeous Eiffel Tower.

This is many of my loved ones :) Right before we are about to leave. I'm wearing an Urban Outfitters fedora and tank top, Zara cargo pants and oxford flats.

This is me and my lovely sisters :)

I had more soo many more pics and outfits but somehow they were erased when transferring from the camera to computer :(

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